Moscow. Vorobyovy Gory metro station. There is place around here to walk and lay on the grass or to ride bicycle and to roller-skate. It's so calm over there, the air is quite fresh... and there are so many various noises: creaks, bangs, jingle-jangles – a perfect sound hodgepodge! But if you listen to all of them simultaneously you will perceive nothing. To listen to every single sound separately – that’s absolutely different.

This project includes photos, texts but the core is sound. This is a walk in the surroundings of a bridge connecting Vorobievskaya and Luzhnetskaya embankments. You can walk and listen in different directions – each time it turns out to be a new soundscape. But I recommend you to start from (or finish at) Vorobyovy Gory metro station – from the heart of the sound mishmash. Enjoy your sound walk! And here you can listenx to how I was walking around.

The project was produced by Alena Kislitsina with the help of Vadim Nazarov. You can discuss the “Pod mostom” (Under the Bridge) project at Podstantsiya.ru.

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